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New Driveways

6” Jawcrush, 6” Minus, 3” Minus, 3/4″ Road Base, Crusher Chips

Other possibilities: Any of our rock products.

Existing Driveways

Highly Recommended: 3/4″ Road Base or Crusher Chips

Septic Fields

C-33 or MCDD Spec Sand

Concrete Mix

1/2″ Navi Jack


Crusher Chips or any of our Drain Rocks

Concrete Slab Prep

6” Minus, 3: Minus, 3/4″ Road Base


Fill Sand, 6” Minus, 3” Minus, 3/4″ Road Base

Playgrounds (same as at schools)

3/8″ Rock

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How Much Material do I require for my driveway?

Calculation 12′ x 12′ x 4” deep (length x width x depth)
12′ x 12′ x 4”/12” therefore 12′ x 12′ x .33 = 47.52 cubic feet
47.52 ft 3/27 = 1.76 yards3 Cubic Feet = 27 ft in a yard3
There is 1.35 metric tonne in a cubic yard so this project would require 2.4 m to cover an area 12′ x 12′ x 4″/area.


I have a new driveway and it’s muddy. How can I prevent this?

Make sure no standing water is on the driveway and water is sloping off. Depending on the depth required to repair the driveway, we would recommend 6” crush, 6” minus, 3” minus, 3/4″ minus roadbase or crusher chips.
Existing driveways may just require top dressing. Recommended products 3/4″ minus roadbase, crusher chips.


What material do you recommend for septic fields, riding rings and pipe bedding?

We recommend C-33, MCDD Spec and Sand.


What do I need to mix concrete at home?

We recommend 1/2″ Navi Jack.


Do you have landscape material?

Yes, we have landscaping products. Our most popular rock is crushed chips. All of our rock products are suitable for landscape projects.


What aggregate do you recommend for concrete slab preparation?

We recommend materials (depth dependent) 6” minus, 3” minus, and 3/4″ minus roadbase.


What material do you recommend for playgrounds?

We recommend 3/8” rock, the same material used for school playgrounds.

We also have your backfilling and drainage materials.

Give us a call for pricing on any of our products!

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